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Who we are?

Frigate engineering services, tied up with some major engineering services firms in USA with old employees from ANSYS and other OEM’s in India, have vast knowledge in solving a given set of problems as well as prediction analysis. Frigate gives services to industry of all types in arriving at their new product from 2D drawing to 3D modeling to FEA analysis. Frigate is all about customized technical support at your door step.

Frigate mechanical Projects is a Team of R & D engineers and Designers/Fabricators from Reputed MNC's with experience of over 30 years in core engineering field. Serving the students/project centers remotely by giving them online support and delivering the projects at their place is what we practice and we are best at it. Students don’t need to come in person at any cost. We also assist the students who want to do their project of their own in their cities by easing them to do the same with Frigate’s fabrication tie ups.

We have expertise in doing

  • Design and Finite Element Analysis/ Computer Aided Engineering services to industry
  • Final year Projects for Mechanical Engineering Students
  • Mechanical project supplies to Project centers
  • Diploma Mechanical student projects
  • Third year Mini projects with latest topics
  • FEA-CFD/ Design training to students/Engineers
  • CAD-CAE-FEA Projects for Students /Industries
  • Phd Scholar Thesis work
  • 3D printer- Sales/Rental/Services
  • Engineering College workshops
  • Placement support

Frigate always looks for B2B clients from all over world to join hands in transferring knowledge for the beneficiary of both the ends. Frigate specializes in supply of Mechanical Projects to all major Mechanical project centers in Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Telengana and Karnataka. From giving support for the customers with respect from guiding students and deliver the projects along with prompt communication, Frigate always stands class apart. Being a pure-play engineering services provider, we have always been able to attract like-minded engineers, entrepreneurs and freelancers be it customers, employees or those looking to join hands with us.

For the benefit of Mechanical Engineering student community, we supply projects to any locations in India. Frigate Projects supports overseas students for assignments in Design, Finite Element analysis and Computational fluid dynamics remotely.

Frigate Project training institute help students doing their Mechanical based projects, Mechatronics based projects, Automobile based projects, Production based projects, Aeronautical based CFD & FEA projects and Civil based projects .Frigate's innovative mechanical project Engineers always look to provide best in class fabrication projects and as well as Design analysis projects.

As a best project center, Frigate being at the top of list of project centers in India, helps Mechanical Engineering students finding themselves conversant in making their ideas into innovative mechanical projects. We understand the emerging needs of our students and delight them with best in class Final year mechanical engineering projects every year with latest mechanical engineering topics.

What we do?

Frigate Mechanical projects Centre in Trichy, Coimbatore, Chennai, Madurai, Bengaluru, Dindigul, Thanjavur, Perambalur, Namakkal, Tirunelveli, Erode, Kumbakonam, Vishakapatnam, Cochin, Hyderabad, Hosur, Mangalore, Cochin, Trivandrum, Palakkad, Salem is the best project center in India which offers low cost with 100% working models for the benefit in doing Mechanical engineering student projects, Automobile engineering student projects, Civil Engineering student projects, Aeronautical Engineering student projects, Mechanical project in trichy, Mechatronics engineering projects , Final year Automobile projects in Trichy ,Production based projects ,Aeronautical projects and Structural, Civil projects in Trichy ,FEA, CFD projects. We also offer Industrial FEA training in Trichy, ANSYS training in Trichy by FEA experts with respect to what Design industry actually wants from a fresher. Frigate PhD project centres in Chennai provides thesis support.

We are the major OE supplier to provide Mechanical project kits to Mechanical project centers in TAMILNADU, KERALA, TELENGANA, ANDHRA and other parts of North INDIA and Design FEA, ANSYS, Analysis projects for students globally. We also have mechanical engineering mini projects topics, diploma mechanical engineering project ideas, design engineering project topics. Innovative project topics of your own can be converted into Fabrication project at your budget with our full pledged project support Frigate Projects provides reports for your projects in your format with design for nominal costs (from Diploma to Phd).We also invite Business persons who are interested in dealership and freelancers.

  • Third year Mechanical Engineering mini projects.
  • Final year Mechanical Engineering projects.
  • Diploma Mechanical Engineering projects.
  • Finite Element Analysis Projects (FEA Projects, ANSYS Projects).
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD Projects, design projects).
  • Electrical Engineering (EEE Projects).
  • Mini Projetcs for Mechanical engineering 3rd year.
  • Final year Civil engineering projects.
  • Marine Engineering projects.
  • 3D Printing Services.

Mechanical projects

Final year students will find difficulty in starting with mechanical projects so we are helpful to them in doing that we do fabrication for your design we design our own and we also do analysis on the same at low cost.

Design & Analysis (FEA/CFD)

Well versed FEA and CFD analysts will process your inputs to work on the model you provided to Develop required results expected. We use ANSYS Mechanical, CFX, FLUENT & MSC Nastran/Patran, Hypermesh/Hyperworks for our CAE process based on our customer/student request.

Automobile projects

From smart automotive to self traction cars, we can visualize your ideas and we will make it in reality.N VH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) analysis, Stress analysis projects, Optimization projects based on design , topology can be done based on latest implemented techniques followed in industries.

Robotics projects

Flying drones to walking robots from student's innovative concepts can be formulated and worked out to a successful prototype. We will make student from coming out of his comfort zone and develop from the scratch.

Electrical & Electronics projects

Embedded kits, PLC based automation projects, Power electronics based projects, MATLAB projects, can be done at quality within time with valid output.

Mechatronics projects

We are best in doing this we offer best-in-class mechatronics projects interfacing between mechanical electronics computer science has been done in effortlessly by our expertise technicians in the market.

Aeronautical projects

From Computational fluid dynamics projects (CFD) to Finite element analysis projects(FEA), with our experts from various Computer aided engineering industries we develop projects which are based on Aeronautical standards by which students can learn everything before they get into job.

Production based projects

Industrial students who are looking to get placed at production/manufacturing based companies can make use of our expertise and get placed in the company. Projects on Total quality management, six Sigma, lean management, 5S , Six Sigma can be done.

Power generation based projects

World is moving towards alternate power resources to survive. Windmill projects, electrical power from gym based projects ,solar based projects, hydro power plants, thermal power projects , refrigeration based projectscan be done at minimal cost.

Report generation for your projects

It is way too difficult for the students after completing the projects with reports/documentation . We are here to help in Diploma projects, Engineering projects, PhD thesis can be done at affordable cost for the projects done by students themselves.

Engineering Services

We have expertise across various simulations such as structural FEA, thermal, CFD, and multi-body dynamics. Extensive experience in high-complexity simulations such as non-linear transient dynamic analysis, modal analysis, fracture mechanics, fatigue analysis, fluid-structure interactions, multiphase flows.CAD Modeling,GD&T,2D to 3D conversion .

Other Services

Photography & Videography,Facebook advertising,Digital marketing,Website design.


3D Printers

We provide wide range of 3D printers starting from 20 cm3 and being pioneers in 3D printing in trichy, we can manufacture customised volume and application with respect to our customers.
With Frigate’s 3D printers customers can take prints using Filament deposition method, Selective laser sintering and on stereo lithography from plastics to nylon.
We provide full training support from installation to maintenance to operations of 3D printers.

Special Purpose Machines

Frigate’s special purpose machine in trichy team can be able to meet customers requirement with respect to their application and product line. Frigate also supports design/analysis support if the customer needs fabrication and assembly to be done by them.

Customized 3D Printed Gifts

Frigate prints whatever you think in your mind by designing the same. Gift your loved ones, the moments you were together. Let it be selfie or whatever it may be, we have custom range of gifts to impress your beloved ones.
We also provide corporate gifts in trichy at affordable cost with customization in regards to 3D printing.


For industries

Frigate, being started as a solution provider to industries, we have vast experience in serving the same from new product development to prototyping to stress analysis to automation.

Finite Element Analysis

Every products/project needed to be tested for its actual worst condition before completion. The only way to test the same is by prototyping the same but it will increase the product life cycle time. FEA comes as a relief for this and as leaded by team of Frigate’s FEA specialists, it becomes easier to obtain a solution for industries with the extensive support we provide in Finite element analysis services in Trichy.
Frigate provides exhaustive analysis solutions with regards to static analysis, dynamic predictions, Fatigue problems and heat transfer calculations that can be analysed in both linear and non linear solvers.
We have expertise across various simulations such as structural, thermal, CFD, and multi-body dynamics. Extensive experience in high-complexity simulations such as non-linear transient dynamic analysis, modal analysis, fracture mechanics, fatigue analysis, fluid-structure interactions, multiphase flows.
We also take failure case studies to analyse the major cause for the problems and solutions to rectify the same by providing FEA services at Trichy. We provide Finite element calculations, , Stress analysis according to the budget of the customers in globally recognised solvers like ANSYS, MSC Nastran/Patran , Hypermesh, Abaqus, LS-Dyna. Frigate also indulges in training to the customers for iterating the stress analysis in Trichy of their own in the future.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Fluid problems occur in all types of industries and to analyse such kind of problems and arriving at a solution becomes costly and time consuming. Frigate’s in-house team of CFD analysts will sort out by means of fluid based calculations by using exhaustive softwares like CFX/Fluent/Star CCN. There are no major companies doing CFD in Trichy at an affordable cost rather than Frigate Flow analysis services.

New Product Development

From literature survey to prototyping, Frigate gives you complete solution in developing a New product. With higher man power cost and technology cost it’s very difficult for SME’s in Trichy to overcome challenges they face in launching a new product to the market.
With Frigate’s exhaustive exposure to NPD its easier for industries to make use of the same at affordable price. Frigate has its in-house 3D printers; so, rapid prototyping becomes easier for the customers to inaugurate their product in cut shorted time.
We can also provide man power for industries to support in design related activities under Frigate’s payroll being one of the best design companies in Trichy.

2D to 3D Conversion

For industries only having 2D software’s, and with 2D drawing from start of its venturing it becomes mandatory nowadays to convert the 2D to 3D conversion for Trichy companies to stand upfront in the global market.
Frigate has specialist 3D modellers to get this job done in your format which holds good for easier understanding of products and it will be useful to include in your project/product catalogues as most of the end customer looks for the aesthetic looks.

Photo to 3D Conversion

Sometimes, companies from non engineering backgrounds like architecture, fashion needs to manufacture immediately without involving in prototyping. These kinds of products might be already there in the market and it needs some modifications in the already existing designs.
Frigate converts photo to 3D model and delivers the same in short time to a scalable design.

2D Drawing

Hand sketches can be converted into fabrication drawing, General Arrangement drawing (GA drawing) in customers template. We can also support in machining drawing with respective tolerances.
Frigate’s GD&T experts provide required tolerance and stack-up analysis for the drawing which has been made already.

3D Modelling

Design modelling and drafting for all type of components and assemblies can be done at the best price for the companies. Industries often require 3D models for better understanding of the finishing of the product. It gives initial ideas to the layman/workers to visualize how the final product will be.
3D model also gives marketing team for pushing their products to the customers because it gives added advantage.

3D Printing

Developed before three decades, 3D printing has seen enormous growth all over world except India. Being the pioneers for producing 3D printers in India, Frigate and its associate companies have supplied to OEM’s in India and also for academic institutions.
Frigate’s 3D printers can be able to provide desired volume outputs for the customers for their own 3D models.
Frigate 3D printing services include 3D Design, 3D scanning and Model fixing.
We also do unfinished 3D models which are made for 3D printing.
Developing models for 3D printing itself is a complicated area, and we at Frigate 3D printing service in Trichy are experts in doing that.

Civil planning/Estimation/Structural drawing

From Structural to architectural to plan, elevation drawings, Frigate civil drawing services in trichy is capable of generating required views for builders, individual engineers, and private real estate agencies and for building contractors.
Frigate also do services for Building plans in Trichy, drawing services in trichy.

Corporate Videos

In our competitive corporate world, to market our product we cannot only market with product catalogues and brochures. Frigate being standing foremost in making of corporate videos in trichy, showcase company’s added benefits, flagship products, man power, equipments in the video which makes easier for marketing in a shorter note.
During exhibitions, workshops, this corporate videos can be a very useful tool . Company’s can also include these video in their website and YouTube channel for quicker access by getting use of our corporate videos services in Trichy.

Skilled Human Resources

Engineering field is difficult to survive without skilled man power. Frigate’s trained man power with compatibility to work in inter departments can be useful for industries who are devoid of man power consultancy in trichy.
Frigate man power consultancy can supply man powers for design engineering, drafting , Finite element analysis.

For Academic institutions


Frigate Conduct workshops for the benefit of students across various technology by engaging appropriate industrial domain experts. Students shall be able to update their skills about what is actually happening inside the industry and about the expectations corporate personnel’s looking for. Frigate Engineering Services in Trichy provides, College workshops in Trichy, Engineering workshops in Trichy, Seminars in Trichy at affordable cost with quality output.

CAD/CAE Training

Getting hired in core industry is very tedious in this competitive scenario all over the world. As a fresher, it’s a dream comes true Working directly in the design team for a company without any training. Frigate CAD trainers in Trichy, being design experts at their own domain can train the pre final /final year students the ability to crack the interviews with ease. Frigate engineering services shall also hire those outstanding trainees and place them in their client locations throughout India.

3D Printer Rentals

3D printer in the India is becoming a major business for the past decade. Nowadays 3D printing can be very costly and if it works well, we cannot get the required output so as to improve the quality Frigate 3D printing in Trichy manufacturers 3D printers for the past 5 years so Frigate Engineering services provides 3D printers for workshops in colleges and for companies two rental purpose so company can uses rental services from us.

Placement Support

Frigate engineering consultancy in trichy provides placement support to the colleges in Companies for getting placements for the students who are in final year. Frigate have vast connections in all domains of industrial engineering. It acts as a bridge between companies and academic institutions for the benefit of students. In this competitive scenario, Frigate helps students to get their dream job.


Bored of CADD center courses ??
Our syllabus also will cover based on the Industries, where they follow the same.
It will be easier for the students who trained from us , to get into a core company,adapt quicker & work directly on the current projects.
Industries will also looking for that kind of engineers who can work directly on to the projects without prior training.
Training gives humongous skills updates for a working professional or a student as it unanimously develops the technical skill and make them compatible in the competitive challenges in the work environment. If someone wants to update/improve their career in latest engineering for getting opportunities in core domains. Frigate’s CAD training in trichy gets into depth of each course and the job seekers can be able to go through the openings in the industry 4.0. Students can customize the courses of themselves in and Frigate will encourage them through the knowledge transfer from our skilled trainers, so that engineers can update from theoretical to practical ways of learning.


Mechanical Design

To be involved in developing a new product is something that every mechanical engineer is dreaming of. Frigate Mechanical design engineering trainers train in such a way that students/ job seekers can be hired in automotive, pressure vessel design, heavy machineries and special machineries. It's not about proficient in cad tools like CATIA, Solidworks, Creo, Unigraphics will make a successful design engineer. Students needs to be strong in basics of design to join/ work in a core engineering field. Frigate's trainers’ trains in such a way that students/ engineering graduates can be able to get through the design team in mechanical domain. Frigate CAD training institute provides best in class design fundamentals with respect to the various domains from pressure vessel design to heavy engineering to automotive technologies.
We also provide CATIA training in Trichy, Solidworks training in Trichy, Creo training in Trichy, Unigraphics training in Trichy in the current version of softwares based on request.

Civil Design

Frigate has the clusters of structural engineers, who are well versed with in –out of the happening in the industries serving as a part of expertise teams, there is no better place to develop your engineering skills.
Professional Courses: Frigate provides you a comprehensive training program in Analysis, Design and Detailing of Steel, Reinforced concrete, Steel detailing, RCC detailing by training you in world class software’s like ETABS, STAAD PRO along with estimation of civil works.
Frigate Civil softwares training trichy provides exhaustive training with keywords like ETabs training in Trichy, Staad pro training in Trichy.


Here come the most valued part of an engineering industry, Validation. It means a lot in industries, because it is required to analyse what we actually designed in the actual scenarios. Real time testing, manual calculations, Computer Aided Engineering analysis are the possible ways to forecast the problems/solutions in actual working scenarios. Doing real-time testing for each and every problem is very costly even for Tier-1 companies. Making test facilities for each and every component along with sensors and measuring instruments, data acquisition is a big task. Return of investments also will be unpredictable. Manual calculations with respect to ASME, BSI, IS, API, ANSI, etc also needs expertise even for simple problems. For complex problems in non-linearity, Eigen values, Low strain, Quasi static, Fluid structure Interaction, Coupled field analysis, a robust analysis tool is very much important to solve along with skilled expert.
Any course in our training can be tailored to cover your specific application in FEA and CFD analysis. Together, we will select training that matches your needs of solving immediate project challenges in FEA or improving the overall capabilities.

Finite Element Analysis

We believe in learning tools in doing FEA is just like GIGO(Garbage in Garbage Out).
If you want to have a great career, you need to get trained on FEA basics and not on tools.
Here we give training from scratch, to make the student understand what actually a company requires from a FEA/CFD Engineer and we will train them accordingly.
Our course addresses the needs of students and design engineers who are not specialized analysts but need to use the Finite Element Analysis to analyze new product during their final year projects and design process. Also non-specialist FEA users, R&D engineers and managers, project engineers, and product engineers will benefit from its coverage of different FEA formulations, tools for error analysis, common errors, traps and misconceptions, and an introduction to FEA project management.
Select preferable modeling approaches

  • Analyze errors inherent to FEA results
  • Identify FEA advantages and shortcomings
  • Avoid mistakes and pitfalls in FEA
  • Produce reliable results on time
  • Request FEA analysis and use FEA results
  • Provide effective FEA project management
  • Ensure quality and cost-effectiveness of FEA projects

For a product to reach a customer there are n number of cycles it has to follow in order to withstand all the real time loads it will take while operation. So as to overcome this issues, a company whose product to be launched has to make sure that it is designed to withstand even at the worst case scenarios. FEA comes into picture to validate the design made by designers for the load cases by which even it is impossible to do it in a real time testing environment. But as a FEA/Stress Engineer, he has to be skilled enough to predict those load cases at the validation stage itself. Only theoretical knowledge and work experience will help them to do that. We at Frigate FEA training at Trichy, train students/Engineers in real time projects and make them understand what is happening inside an Engineering Industry. For example, after teaching the courses in appropriate topic, Frigate Engineering Company will teach the engineers to analyse the failure cases which happened in the actual industry and teaches how to address the same as a FEA Analyst, in order to sort out the issue.
There is no perfect syllabus to teach in terms of FEA, unlike conventional cad training, FEA training centres in Trichy who have tag lines like ANSYS training in trichy, ANSYS workbench training in Trichy, MSC Nastran/Patran training in Trichy, Solidworks training in Trichy, Catia training in Trichy, Abaqus training in Trichy, Hypermesh training in Trichy, Frigate FEA Engineering Trainers teaches students based on theory of Finite Elements and how the actual things works behind the softwares. Without this knowledge, learning a FEA tool is like GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out) . Like ANSYS Workbench, it is very easy to learn it, but if wrong inputs/boundary conditions is given which will result in obviously wrong output. Nowadays people think that the contents available in the internet gives full knowledge in learning a software. The reality is the application to real life stress analysis can only obtained by training from experienced professionals. Frigate FEA training center in trichy, gives that whole hearted support to all trainees to update/obtain their knowledge in Finite Element Analysis.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

In Computer Aided Engineering, which comprises of Stress and flow calculations, CFD analysis the latter part in CAE needs high skills in addressing the actual scenarios from aerospace to automotive to heavy engineering. Fluid flow analysis involves volumetric models, such that the analyst should be able to generate the fluid domain out of the problem. There are so many assumptions should be made in order to solve the problem in the given time.
CFD softwares are costly in all sense and the computational activity requires some good investment in hardware as well as HPC’s. Frigate CFD Training centres in Trichy unlike others who have their tag lines like Fluent training in Trichy, CFD training in Trichy, CFX training in trichy , from all engineering departments from aeronautical to automobile, Mechanical Frigate gives that ability to understand the basics of Flow analysis to approach the problems in real time industrial scenario. Training in Complex Problems like Compressible flow, Mixed flows, Conjugate heat transfer, Fluid Structure Interactions shall make students, as a budding professional engineer to face those engineering giants while face to face discussions.
Be it FEA or CFD, Frigate’s custom made syllabus tailored for categories with respect to the student/Engineer’s knowledge


Desktop Printing

Frigate provides best 3D Printing Training in Trichy with inhouse 3D printers.

Lean Management

Training and implementaion services in Trichy for Lean tools like Kaizen, 5S, Six sigma, Value stream mapping is given by Frigate Training center for corporates and as well as Students. Frigate also can student projects for distance education students with respect to management tools for universities like IGNOU,IIIT in their format.


ISO quality training with respect to all domains can be given to students and industrial personnels for the beneficiary of getting jobs in their appropriate field.


Geometric dimensioning & Tolerance including stack up analysis training shall be useful for companies involving more machining component. GD&T Training in Trichy is a special purpose training given for interested persons by industrial experts.


Trichy being a Fabrication industry hub, students shall need introduction to what is actually happening inside the industry. Frigate fabrication and training services shall be useful for the students who are interested to go through production engineering department of a company.

Why Frigate

We offer placement support for the students who do projects from our company as we have wide range of industrial contacts globally. Fabrication projects for mechanical students can be done at cheaper cost compared to the other project centers since we are highly skilled in doing the same for past 30 years.
Since we are from various MNCs from Tamil Nadu our services will be top notch compared to the other project centres.

Are you feeling difficult to come in person are you have time constrains problem we can serve you better remotely. All you need to do is after finalizing the project cost through phone; you can deposit the partial amount of the project. We will provide the full report to make use in your project reviews and also we will start the project. After finishing the project within the committed date, we will notify you such that you can come in person or we will transport the project at your place.

Your ideas will be converted into projects within your budget within the time duration you specified.
We can parcel the projects all around India. We are the cheap mechanical project centre in India and as well as in cheap project center in Tamilnadu who provdes low cost mechanical projects .Since we do in wholesale rate and we are also supplying to the major project centres all over India, our price will be very competitive. You can compare to project training centres in Tamilnadu, project training centres in Kerala, project training centres in Andhra Pradesh, project training centres in Telengana and project training centres in Karnataka. If they quote for minimal price than ours, then come back to us, Frigate projects will do with best quality output at lower cost.

Frigate encourages young entrepreneurs to accompany us as a franchise with very minimal investment (only office setup is enough) in all major cities of south India to carry forward the business with us even though they don’t have any project training experiences. Training shall be given along with the guidance to deliver the projects with documents. To setup a Franchise, you don’t need to invest anything new. You can do along with your old business and we only need a place and person who can take up the responsibility for that particular city/town. We will take care of all the commitments with regards to the students.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1 How to Contact
Call or Whatsapp us at 9486164606
Email us at: frigateprojects@gmail.com

#2 I have my own idea. What to do?
Call or Whatsapp us at 9486164606
Email us at: frigateprojects@gmail.com
We will make it within your budget.

#3 I don’t have any idea. What to do?
No Problem!!! We do have a list of innovative projects which will make you stand out of the crowd.

#4 I have only minimum budget. What to do?
Don’t’ worry..!! We have projects starting from INR 3499/-

#5 I Want report for submitting the project.
Yes!! Its Free. We do it for you!!

#6 I have done my project. Looking for report
We do this service also at affordable cost

#7 Do you offer placement services
Yes!! We can refer to companies which are associated with us for the students who do projects with us

#8 I’m from Kerala / Andhra / Telangana / Karnataka. How can I get my project?
We support all over South India. We can deliver anywhere.

#9 We have started with a project. But don’t know how to finish.
Come to our Workshop. We’ll finish it for you.

#10 I already have a project quote from other centre. Will you do it at a lesser rate?
Yes!! We’ll do it at a lesser price.

#11 What will I get, If is register a project with you?
Design / Fabrication projects

  1. Model
  2. Report for each review
  3. Final report in your format

Analysis projects

  1. I Phase modeling
  2. II Analysis based on no. of iterations
  3. Free industry oriented FEA training